Radiant American Diamonds: At the heart of these American Diamond Peacock Jhumkas lies the brilliance of American Diamonds. Renowned for their dazzling sparkle and unmatched fire, AD stones are a symbol of luxury and opulence. Each stone is thoughtfully selected for its quality and precision cut to maximize its luminosity, ensuring you shine like a star wherever you go.

Peacock-Inspired Splendor: The standout feature of these jhumkas is their enchanting peacock design. Inspired by the grace and beauty of these regal birds, the jhumkas depict the peacock’s plumage in intricate detail. The peacock motif symbolizes beauty, grace, and renewal, making these jhumkas a reflection of your own elegance and the promise of new beginnings.

Gold Plated Opulence: To enhance the brilliance of AD stones and the intricate peacock design, these jhumkas are meticulously gold plated. This not only adds to their opulence but also ensures their longevity and durability. The gold plating adds a regal touch, making these jhumkas suitable for special occasions, including weddings and festive celebrations.

Large and Luxurious: These jhumkas are not just earrings; they are a declaration of grandeur. With their generous size and opulent design, they become a focal point of your ensemble. Whether you’re a bride seeking the perfect bridal jhumkas or someone who desires to make a striking statement, these jhumkas are your ideal choice.

A Bridal Marvel: For brides, finding the perfect pair of jhumkas is a significant endeavor. The American Diamond Peacock Jhumkas are meticulously designed to be the crowning jewel of your bridal attire. They symbolize the beauty of love, the elegance of tradition, and the promise of a new journey, making them an indispensable bridal accessory.


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American Diamond Peacock Jhumkas American Diamond Peacock Jhumkas
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Avoid contact with perfumes & water. Wipe with a soft cloth after every use
and store in zip locks / boxes for longer life.

Dispatch within 1 or 2 days. Free shipping within India on orders of 2500 RS & above. Pre-booking orders will be dispatched in the mentioned timelines.

Bangle Size Chart

Bangle Size  Circumference(Inches)MM 
 2-2 6.67169.4 
 2-4 7.06 179.6
 2-6 7.46 189.5
 2-8 7.85 199.4
 2-10 8.24 209.3

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Bangle Size  Diameter(Inches)MM 
 2-62.375 60.3
 2-102.625 66.7
American Diamond Peacock Jhumkas

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